Top Marketing Agencies in Atlanta for Q3 2015

Yesterday I published the 2015 update to the Top Marketing Agencies in Atlanta. It had been a year since the previous update and a lot has changed over the past 12 months! Below is the most current view into network and independent agencies in our market.

Changes include:

  • WPP Network
    • Removed Grey (Atlanta office previously closed)
    • Maxx Marketing (Atlanta office previously closed)
  • Publicis Network
    • Removed Nurun (Atlanta office absorbed by Razorfish)
    • Added Sapient (acquired by Publicis)
  • Omnicom Network
    • Removed Javelin
    • Added Organic Inc. (opened office in Atlanta)
  • IPG Network
    • Removed Octagon (Atlanta office previously closed)
    • Removed Shopper Sciences (Atlanta office previously closed)
    • Removed UM (Atlanta office previously closed)
  • Independent Agencies
    • Added Chemistry (formerly TG Madison; acquisition)
    • Removed FuseIdeas (closed office)
    • Removed Never Without (disqualified)
    • Removed Sizmek (agency pivoted, became a products company)
    • Added Swarm Agency
    • Removed Titan (closed office)

Since I regularly get asked why an agency is not on the list/how an agency get appear on the list:

A) Criteria:
Member agencies of the major networks (e.g.: WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, IPG, Dentsu, MDC Partners) are automatically included based on publicly available information. Independent agencies are added based on the following qualifications:

  • Number of employees (15+)
  • Annual revenue ($3M+)
  • Prior history of digital marketing campaigns
  • Quarterly updates regarding new clients/engagements

NOTE: The slide represents a consolidated list of the top agencies. Additional criteria may/will be used reach this objective.

B) Corrections/Updates:
If find an error or would like to be considered, please contact me at my work email address (ttishgarten at arke dot com). You may also want to subscribe to my Agency Digest email list to receive noteworthy news about Atlanta agencies and updates regarding this slide. NOTE: This is a low volume list:

If you have any other feedback, please leave it below in the comments. I hope that you find this slide to be as valuable as I have.