NOTE: I am taking a break from writing about marketing technology and analytics for the next few posts to write (again) about my other favorite topic: hacking your life/finding ways to be more productive! I hope that you enjoy these posts.

Now that the holiday season is winding down, it is the perfect time to find a deep discount on that one gift that you didn’t get. To help make your holidays and the new year financially productive, here are 7 deal sites that I regularly use:

The Bargainist

the_bargainistThe Bargainist is a national website featuring deals, discount codes & coupons and free offers. The website has been serving up deals since 2006. Unlike other deal sites, deals can be searched by both category and store, which is especially advantageous if you use the free ship-to-store feature vs. pay the standard shipping charge.


dealnewsOne of the oldest (1996) yet best deal aggregators around. It posts about 200+ daily deal from a couple of thousand of retailers and online deal sites. Deals include editorial comments on the discount, which either makes you happy about your newly found bargain or mad that you missed out on a good deal. Over the past year, I’ve taken advantage of their email alerts feature, which notifies me when a specific category or item goes on sale.

DOD Tracker

DOD_trackerThis site is devoted to finding bargains on “Deal of the Day” sites and retailer sites with flash sales. They currently track approximately 100 sites. I’ve only recently started using and while I like this in concept, I’ve become frustrated with this free service because the deal that I’m interested in tends to sell out or expire by the time that I discover it. I recommend this site but only if you watch it like a hawk!


fatwalletSince late 1999, FatWallet has been focused on cash-back offers, promotion codes and coupons. FatWallet aggregates deals from approximately 1,000 online stores and the best part of this site is the user forum, where members post deals. I can always count on FatWallet members to not only post noteworthy deals but also suggest alternatives that are equally as good. They recently expanded by including local offers and email alerts (probably to better compete with the DealNews site). I’ve taken advantage of FatWallet’s cash-back process in the past and I can report that it was seamless for me (aka, the transaction refund arrived by the promised date).


slickdealsSlickdeals is forum-powered deal sharing site that’s been around since 1999. It is a well-known alternative to FatWallet. It has both local deals and email alerts, but unlike the FatWallet site they don’t post promoted deals on their front page. One of the most popular features of this site is the low-cost Amazon deals that also qualify for SuperSaver shipping.


techbargainsFocused on technology gadgets and gear, TechBargains is one of the oldest deal and coupon codes site (credit goes to Adam Darby for sharing this site with me back in mid 2000). One of the best site features is the price history chart, which displays pricing information for up to six months. The site is actually owned by Ziff Davis, Inc., which is known in the technology circles for their gadget reviews, so I always approach this site with caution.


wootLast but not least is Woot, which is likely one of the original daily deals site. Woot features great “fire sales” on new and refurbished items. Woot has expanded their offering to include daily deals for your home, garden, outdoors/sports, accessories/watches, kids, shirts and wines. It is a great destination if you’d looking for a gift in one of those categories.

What additional sites do you use to find online deals?

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