The great pie debate: is apple, pecan or pumpkin better?

Seeing that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I am thinking about (what else): dessert! Since I am a data geek, I wanted to post these three interactive graphs from Google Trends:

Most searches for pie recipes occur during November, followed by July (see spikes in search volume).

Among searches for pie recipes (apple, pecan and pumpkin), pumpkin pie recipes are most frequently searched for during Thanksgiving. However, apple pie recipes are searches for year-round. This is likely due to apple pie being a traditional July 4th dessert.

Regionally, pecan pie is more popular in the central southern half of the US (see states in dark blue).

And in Georgia, pecan and apple pie recipes are both tied in second place in search volume. Personally, pecan and apple pie are my favorites! 🙂

I hope that you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Photo by Jo.

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