Before you buy the Nike Fuelband smartwatch …

nike-fuelbandI recently read an article by Rachel Metz on how smart watches are (still) dumb. In the article, Rachel pointed out that smart watches are marginal at best. They are reasonably useful when it comes to tracking your activity or alerting you of missed calls but they aren’t inherently smart at true personalization (aka, sending you the right message at the right time)! After 6+ months with my Nike Fuelband (see my review after two weeks), I am starting to get Rachel’s point, especially as I log more mileage on my device.

For example, I spent this past Sunday morning walking around our house setting back the clocks since it was the end of Daylight Savings Time. As I checked the time on my Fuelband, I realized that my iPhone automatically updated but my smart watch did not. After a quick sync with my phone, my glitch minor annoyance was gone but it also made me wonder if this issue was specific to the Nike Fuelband. It turns out that it is a hit or miss with smart watches — the sophisticated Pebble smartwatch won’t update without a sync but the Fitbit Force will!

I guess that it is time to consider an upgrade!

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