I want to breath in 2013!

For me 2012 was tougher than prior years because I transitioned into a new job and new role. I went from running an entire technology department at a large agency to running a smaller team at a technology consultancy. Once I checked-in my ego, I noticed that I was having fun getting to "play in the dirt" (again). And even though it required more — more mentally and personally — I also discovered that it was the right move as it brought more inner peace and happiness to me and my family.


Now that the tough part is behind me, I am motivated to get more out of the new year. I always want more — who doesn’t?! I just know that in order to succeed professionally I have set goals for myself. So below are my three business goals for 2013:

  1. First do what you need to do, then what you want to do. My oldest son swears that he’d be a millionaire if he had a dollar for every time that I repeat this. He obviously hears this a lot! That advice cuts both ways: I intend to push off my distractions and focus.
  2. Never settle for less. My teammates know that my standards are set high. I always push want the best out of us. This year, I will continue to push both on them and myself to produce more.
  3. Don’t take yourself too seriously. I find that I’m way too rigid and intense when I first meet people. I need to learn to stop and relax which will take some practice.

I expect to revisit these at the end of the year and measure myself against these. I want to accomplish these goals as much as one wants to breath. In case you’re wondering what I mean, check out the video below.

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