Pre-released iPad the focus of Modern Family episode

I’m a big fan of TV comedies. One of my favorite new shows is Modern Family on ABC. The show focuses on the lives of three families; each episode typically has 3 story lines that are woven together. On last night’s episode (called Game Changer), one of the three story lines focused on the iPad. One of the main characters on the show, Phil, was planning to stand in line this Saturday to buy an iPad, the latest gadget from Apple. Since it was Phil’s birthday, his wife offered to stand in line for him but she fell back asleep, thus not making it to the Apple store in time. Eventually, the family figures out how to get Phil the iPad so all ends well. But during the closing scene, Phil proclaims his love for the iPad as his wife walks behind him, which she mistakenly takes as a complement for her. 🙂

As a technologist, I’m fascinated by how the writers took advantage of the well publicized iPad release event. The timeliness of this makes the show even more relevant and possibly makes fans of the show and Apple even more loyal. It’s also an amazing feat since writing the show’s script and producing it cannot be done overnight. Just goes to show how efficient we’ve become. Kudos to the show’s staff!

NOTE: Adage is reporting that Apple did not pay for the iPad placement in the Modern Family episode. (Thanks to Karna Crawford for that nugget of info).

Modern Family

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  1. How many other brands can boast that its customers routinely stand in long lines for hours and hours to buy its products? It says a lot about how Apple has impacted popular culture. Standing in long lines for hours to buy their latest groundbreaking product has become an event in itself. You could go so far as to call it an extension of their brand–a cultural event! Modern Family producers didn't have to worry whether or not their audience could relate to it. Everybody could enjoy the laugh.

  2. It's definitely interesting to see how the iPod, the music device, has made Apple into such a technology/gadget powerhouse.

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