Web Analytics, User-Agent and Google Wave Frame

Looks like Google broke the seal today on the Google Wave Frame project. Google has released Google Wave Frame for Internet Explorer, which brings the Chrome browser to Explorer 6/7/8. Basically, users can use Wave Frame plugin to run Chrome inside Internet Explorer.

As a marketer (or a developer), you better start thinking about the impact that this will have on your analytics. It is actually one of the easiest¬† way to identify and segment your early technology adopters from your standard visitors.¬† To identify these users, you can leverage the user agent string. Visitors with Google Wave Frame will generate the standard user agent string for Internet Explorer except that you’ll see an the addition of the word chromeframe.

Now granted, adoption for Google Wave Frame is not going to skyrocket overnight so don’t expect a flood of Wave Frame visitors. Considering the impact of Google Chrome (last time I checked with some of our clients at Engauge, Chrome adoption is barely scratching the surface), it will take a while before it will crack the top 6 browser used on your website ceiling. Nonetheless, start paying attention to your analytics report because web analytics tools will likely get this one wrong for the next few weeks.

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