Adobe unveils Flash application distribution and tracking; web analytics to play a central role in solution

adobeflashplayer_20081016092122Last week, Adobe announced that it intended to acquire Omniture for $1.8 Billion. While many analysts were confused about the benefit of such an acquisition, I explained in a blog post how the Omniture acquisition can improve Adobe’s revenue and provide marketers with simple tracking of online advertising initiatives. In my closing remarks, I explained that Marketers were already accustomed to tracking user behavior on their website and that they were eager to extend that functionality to Flash. It seemed to me that Adobe was planning to leverage Omniture to satisfy this need.

And this morning I found out my thought on user behavior measurement in Flash is one step closer to becoming a reality: Adobe just announced the availability of a Flash distribution service via a partnership with Gigya. As part of this agreement, Flash developers now can easily embed social networking sharing capabilities and user tracking into Flash applications, thus widening audience reach.

As part of the announcement, Adobe has unveiled a platform called Distribution Manager that allows developers to tag their application and track users. With Distribution Manager, Flash developers can review reports on user engagement by campaigns, a feature that is already found in Omniture. While Adobe has not specified that Omniture is used behind the scenes to power this solution, there’s nothing that’s stopping Adobe from leveraging Omniture’s platform in delivering these capabilities. At the very least, Omniture can leverage the insights from Adobe’s platform to fine tune their social media offering, which may include reporting on social behaviors such as emails sent from the application, stickiness or viral grabs.

This strategy clearly sets up Adobe and Omniture to become more relevant in the market place.

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